Friday, November 09, 2007

I love those Pocket Bikes

My uncle promised my cousin if he excels in his final exam, he will buy him a pocket bike. He knows he's been checking them out and some of his friends owns them. Even though my uncle dont encourage my cousin to ride on a motorcycle, he dont mind him having fun with a Pocket Bike with his friends during the weekend at the community racetrack.

My cousin's been checking out and comparing all those Super Pocket Bikes and Mini Choppers at yourpocketbikes.con, a website that offers product reviews and comparisons, information on all the latest brands/products of those pocket bikes. There are also videos, pictures, articles and info, FAQs and How-To's at the site too for anyone who might want to buy one for themselves or as gifts for their loved ones.

I think my kid would like to have one too. Just that he's too small to drive a pocket bike right now. But when he grows older, i dont mind him joining his cousin at the community racetrack each weekend.

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