Monday, November 12, 2007

I can see spies on MyBlogLog

The one good thing about this MyBlogLog is i get to see who's been spying on my blogs, lol. I have them on only a handful of my blogs now. And i can see that some of those faces arent really here to read what i crap at all, k. They are here to check on my stats more likely. What's new. The price of being a femes paidpost writer. bet they are here to see if i get anything to write now that all my blogs have gone down. Too bad i disappoint you hoh. I've got tonnes of writing to do. How's 60 posts in under 35 hours for a start? Dont jeles hoh. Cos i'm Samm and you're not.

1 Responses (Leave a Comment): said...

Nyek, I logged out of MyBlogLog
so you can't see me spying around.