Saturday, November 17, 2007

Incentive holiday packages

One of the things i get a lot of is mail. Both emails and snailmails, especially from my credit card companies. Sigh.... i have so many credit cards and each month, apart from my credit card statement, they will attach a lot of those incentives too with lots of products and travel packages. And this month, i received quite a few travel discount vouchers from them. I dont like buying from those brochures as i find their price more expensive than the shops. But many of my friends love to buy from their credit card companies as they say they can use their points as a discount too.

I just received another two letters this morning with lots of offers. It's the end of the year and companies everywhere are throwing in freebies for their loyal customers. Yes, you may think i'm crazy to have so many credit cards, right. But if you dont use them, they will charge you annual membership fees, you know. I have more than ten and i may end up with thousands of dollars in fees alone if i dont use them as most of them are Platinum and Gold cards, lol. So, as a loyal customer, i do get some priorities. Not to mention tonnes of points for redeeming their goodies too.

I find merchants are also very good at promoting their companies through these credit card companies. One of the best way is through travel packages. Everyone loves getting a reward at the end of the day. I dont mind going on those incentive trips if i'm still single. Now, i'll get mad if i have to buy a few more tickets as i must bring my kids with me wherever i go. But if you run a company, you may want to reward your loyal customers this way. I recommend that you check out htoa, as they have a lot of packages for you. Keep your customers happy with a holiday package from, and they'll return to you for more. It's a win win situation for all.

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