Monday, November 12, 2007

The leaking washing machine

I've been bitching about the same thing about the the stupid washing machine over and over again dunno how many times already. I told my in-laws that the thing leaks as the technician that came and installed the damn thing used back all the old fittings from the conked out Electrolux washing machine. The thing is she refuse to acknowledge the fact that the damn thing leaks.

Chisin, i really feel as though i live in a kampung house with a wet washing area 24/7. I cant even stand at the sink without getting my feet wet each time. And when i reminded them to get the fler to come, they will say they've never felt the floor wet before and cant see where the leakage is. Of cos lah, their DIL mops it every now and then dunno how many farking times a day and makes sure to put floor mats there to soak up the mess. Denggg.....

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