Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Of pasta and Italy

I finally found the time to go to the organic store this evening. Gordon wanted pasta and hubby suggested that i cook some for dinner tonight. Moreover, i'm out of Malcolm's favorite cereal and also lots of other stuffs like olive oil and also soy beans. Hubby's been buying a lot of packet soy milk drinks from the departmental store lately and i dont quite like those at all. I feel that they are far too sweet for my liking. Why would i want to pay so much for something that's full of sugar, right. It's not good for health anyway.

We didnt get to have pasta for dinner tonight as the organic store is out of organic pasta sauce. Gordon only likes the pasta sauce bought from the organic store and not other brands like Prego's or Heinz. Hubby says i'd better buy a few tomatoes back and cook a batch of tomato sauce and keep them inside our new fridge. We can then have pasta anytime we like. Talking of pasta reminds me of Italy. Though there are many cheap hotels in Italy, i'd rather stay at those Villa vacation rentals apartments in Tuscany. My friend stayed there once and she told me they serve the best spaghetti in Italy. If it's true, i must go stay there one day. Lb, how far is Tuscany from your place?

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L B said...

4 hr drive... leisurely drive..