Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We dont need more insurance coverage for the time being

My brother-in-law came back and asked us if we'd like to top up our insurance coverage or not. We told him not at the moment as we're sufficiently insured. He told us to let him know the moment we intend to increase our coverage so that he can prepare the necessary papers for us to sign. Of course, he's been handling our family's insurance needs for years and we dont see the need to switch to a new insurance agent. Well, unless he pissed me off, that's a different story, k. So far, he's been very prompt with all the paperwork and even managed to claim a few medical bills for my father-in-law too.

My neighbor had on many occasions tried to get us to buy from his son. Too bad we got to know that he's not a very responsible person and has failed to handle many of his customers claims. There was once he kept pestering us to give him numbers of our friends and family members so that he can call them up to sell them his insurance plans. We told him about, the nations leading Insurance Marketing services provider specializing in qualified real-time internet insurance leads. he will get better results by calling those on the list than we are able to provide him.

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