Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How do i sell off my structured settlements?

I dont know how long so i get to sit here uninterrupted. Both kids are in bed. I hope to get at least three hours work done here. I still have more than a dozen unfinished opps and i keep wandering off to my new blog, Organic Samm. It's common when one has a new toy right. Between updating all my blogs and tweaking my new blog's template, i was chatting with Julian on MSN. He wanted to know where he can sell off his Structured Settlement. He keep telling by the time he gets the full amount, he will be very old. The Structured settlement that's in his name take more than 20 years to pay.

I told him it's common for beneficiaries of Structured Settlements to sell them off with help from companies like stonestreet.com. They are the professional and they have successfully helped many people get a lump sum of cash for their structured settlements. My uncle did the same thing to his as he needed the money urgently to send my cousin off to a good university. He got his money really fast through the company and i think Julian will to. I hope Julian may want to check them out if he wants to sell his off quick.

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