Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Check out these photo gifts

Quit staring. That's NOT me in the picture, k. It's only a fine example of what you'll get if you were to use the Framing Station Ultimate Combo Pack, which is a software and artwork combination that digitally “frames” peoples photos in pre-illustrated artwork. It turns ordinary looking everyday pictures into something like this. Isnt it much better than having them just the way they were before. Adds some punch to the photo, right. It's nice to add frames to our pictures as it makes them more meaningful too.

There are lots and lots of pfoto frames made by the software's creative team and for $39.95, it's really a steal, man. Dont you agree with me that pictures like these really does make wonderful photo gifts for your loved ones. I'd love to make some for my friends and family members using this software. And you can easily print them out by yourself too. Check it out, ya.

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