Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Steel buildings vs brick and mortar buildings

My neighbor was telling me her hubby wants to erect a building on the piece of land near where their factory is. Their business is expanding and they need more space to house all those extra equipments. I've been to her factory once and i can see that there is a huge piece of land there. They were lucky as they bought it at a very low price form a real estate broker many years ago. I heard my uncle also wanted to buy that piece of land for his factory expansion too as his is just right beside my neighbor's. Too bad he was late in making his decision and my neighbor got the land for a steal.

My neighbor asked me for my opinion on whether to have hers constructed using traditional brick and mortar or should she consider those modern Steel Buildings structures. I told her Steel Buildings are better and less hassle to construct and if they need more space in the future, extra space can easily be added to the existing one with minimum cost. I have friends who uses steel buildings and they tell me they cost much lesser than if they had chose other methods of construction. My neighbor can get a quote from to compare it against her current quotation and see how much she can save just by having her constructed in steel.

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