Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Modern metal buildings for modern living

Thank god the rainy season is finally over for good. I've been waiting for this day to come for more than a month. Do you know how depressing it can be when it rains every single day. You cant even do simple chores like laundry properly. If only we have the space for a dryer, then life will be much easier. Too bad we dont have the space indoors and mother-in-law dont want to have it placed outside the house. She says it might get stolen by thieves. This time, our roof didnt leak. It was terrible last year. I was pregnant with Malcolm and one side of the roof at the second hall came crashing down in the rain and there was water everywhere.

I cried as i cleared the mess up. There was so much water. The moment the rain stopped, we had to quickly get contractor to come and repair and replaced the broken roof tiles. My friend told us about Metal Buildings and asked us to consider checking ours to a metal roof instead. She says Metal Buildings are very common these day s and they are very modern much easier to maintain compared to conventional roofing tiles. I dont know about that as we've already fixed ours. let's see how things go first. But everything's so far so good till now.

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