Monday, November 05, 2007

Would you like to get your blogs noticed?

If i'm not wrong, i think i have more than 12 domains right now. And this is not inclusive of my blogspots and other free hosted blogs. They are all niche blogs. Some of them are my working blogs, the rest are not. I have enough working blogs to keep me very busy. I dont think i want to spend so much time writing ads and not being able to build up those pet blogs of mine. No point buying and launching more when they dont get my attention, right.

Much as i like setting up new blogs, i still need to get them notices. One way is to blog-hop like mad and let blog buddies know about my new blogs. But then, that's a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time. And time is not something i have lot of as i still have two little kids to care for. I only have a few hours to spare each night. And that's my sleeping hours. My friend told me i can advertise on It's a new concept where i own a box on, and iit will contain what i want and it's for me alone. A box on provides me with a title, text and links to my websites. Not a bad idea, huh. You may want to try this service out if you want to get your blogs noticed.

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