Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And IBS#2 had to open her cb mouth

The first thing that came out of knnccb IBS#2's cb mouth when she came over this afternoon was, "Wuah, why so thin? Sick ah. You dont look good so thin. Look like a 60 year old Ah Pak lidat." Niamahai, it's Christmas Day (tho we dont celebrate) and she just have to fark up my lk's mood. He's undergoing detox and already not in a good mood and the blardy sister had to talk crap. She had better thank her lucky stars her lk is over today and my lk also give him a lil bit face, if not he sure to fark 9 her upside down wan.

But this one also siao wan lah. And when i say siao, hoh. I really mean siao. The kind that requires medical treatment that kind leh. Damn, it runs in the family. Dunno how to keep her blardy mouth shut and talk all the inappropriate things at inappropriate times. She and i not on talking terms since the day she came over and stir shit with me. Glad too. Dont have to entertain her incessant stupid questions. Damn, think what. I'm an encyclopedia meh.

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L B said...

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas again!!!