Sunday, December 23, 2007


I want to go out but my man wants to sleep. By the time he wakes up and wants to go out, i'll most prolly be too tired to even feel like eating. Forget about going out. There's only one car in the household as the other has been sent to the workshop for a face life. It's a tiring weekend as i'm left to do everything on my own. I'm tired, i cant rant. I'm tired, i cant complain. I'm tired, i've still gotta manage my kids. I'm tired, i've still gotta manage my blogs. I'm tired, i cant sleep. I'm tired, i cant knit. I'm just TIRED TIRED TIRED TIRED TIRED............. I WANNA DIE!!

3 Responses:

L B said...

Come play my iPhone!

Samm said...

Play with you better lah. Play iPhone jor hamik wor... ishhhh

renet13 said...

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