Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Does it rain in Italy?

Talking of the rain, does it ever rain in Italy? LB, i've never heard you rant about the rain on your blog? Never rains there wan meh? Only sunflower fields all year round kah. Weather there so good kah. But now with your new toy, surely everyday good mood lorr hoh. Lansi lohhh.... got Apple iPhone. Jeles jeles jeles.... jeles tou seiiii. I'm getting sick with my Nokia N73 keypad. Nothing to do with the phone. It's just the service center that pissed me off. Lousy farked up service.

My friend won a set last month. Lucky here. She paid a few hundred bucks for expedite shipping to avoid tax though. Still worth it lah, hoh. She says it's a good phone. Only thing is that it lacks 3g for the time being. I'm so going to wait. Will go meet up with her one day to try the set out. If it can do all that i want it to do, it's gonna on my MUST-BUY list, hohoho. How's the pic quality? Take one of your Siew Pai Kuat for me and see if i still drool over it onot. I shall provide the SAMBAL.....

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L B said...

Oh, yes, it rains, but I kinda like the rain.. so there's really nothing to rant about that! In fact, I should build an altar for rainy days (but not on Mondays). Love rain.. Rain Rain.. Listen to the sound of the falling rain.. telling me something or other lah..

The iPhone is so marvelous, except for ONE thing. It's still locked! LOL!! Meaning it's an iPod touch for me at the moment, until Firmware1.1.3 comes out shortly. Then only can unlock it (hopefully!!) But what to do? It is a Christmas present from my Boss!!!

Haven't tried out the camera yet! No time!! Where got time wan? Actually, there are a few things I don't like, like the damn jack cannot fit my Sennheiser earbuds!! TNS!!