Monday, December 10, 2007

Floods everywhere again

Hubby told me yesterday that my brother-in-law's place is flooded again. It happens without fail each year. You remember the Johor flood last year. I think it's gonna happen again due to global climate changes. It's unavoidable and people will just have to adapt to the situation. Best solution is to move away as you cannot go against it. It's been raining here again. It rained so hard yesterday that i cant even get my washed clothes out on the lines.

Talking of moving away, it's time i get hubby to clear away the boxes he's accumulated over the past few months. There's just so many stacked on top of one another that it's sickening. The whole house is filled with junk and it's turning in to a real eyesore. My brother-in-law may be moving back for a month or two to avoid the flood. He parks his car down at the basement where he lives and he doesnt want to wake up one morning trapped in his apartment with his car submerged in water.

My neighbor's kid is also moving back from Boston. He'll be back here for good with his wife and kids. She's renovating her place, adding a second level to the house and there's so much noise coming from next door. One more week to go and the Boston Moving Company will be here with all his things. Hope she gets the room done up in time for that.

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