Thursday, December 06, 2007

How about bar stools as a house-warming gift?

I have to go to Greentown Mall by end of this week. Gotta go get my business license renewed. I heard from a friend that there's furniture fair going on at the mall where i'll be going to. She went there to buy a whole new set of bedroom furniture the other day and even showed me a pic of her newly decorated room. My mother-in-law wants to buy a few Quality Bar Stools back for her sister. She's moving into her new house and has a new bar table right beneath the staircase. Seriousy, do bar stools make great house-warming gifts? You have to buy at least three, right. Can just give some a single bar stool, right.

I'll just hang around the furniture fair whilst waiting for hubby to get the company license renewed. I dont think i want to take my two boys along since i may have to buy bar stools back. I have to remove the child seat at the back of the car in order to accommodate the three stools. My friend told me they dont offer home delivery service as they are selling the items at factory prices. But if we pay for transportation, things can be arranged, lol. Let's see how things go. If it's not too much, we'll get them to deliver to our house and save us the trouble.

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