Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Looking for Audience Response Systems

It's been quite a few months since i last met up with my brother-in-law. He's been busy with his new project. He's going around the country setting up new branches and wont be free till February next year. He just got back for a short holiday and dropped by my place earlier this evening. He's now trying to purchase a good audience response system and asked if i can recommend him one or not. I do have a few friends who use this for their business and when i called them up, they all referred me to What a coincidence. It must be really good.

According to them, ComTec is one of the oldest and largest providers of Audience Response System Sales in the USA. Founded in year 1986, they developed their own audience response software products for use within the management consulting marketplace. They told me to check out the three products at their site; Unity XP, SynthesisXP and Elect XP. They've no idea which one is right for my brother-in-law. So, i told him to go check it out for himself at the link provided.

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