Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Of Locked Apple iPhone and headsets

Lb, according to my friend, hoh. The iPhone can be unlocked wan worrr. Dont have to wait for the firmware update. She's using it now wor. How come they have different jacks for the earphones wann. Use bluetooth headsets cannot meh. Ya ya ya, i know lah. Sounds horrijible mah, haimai. Got speakers wan onot? I listen to my Nokia N73 through the speakers and it's AWESOME!!!! Three doors away also can hear it in the middle of the night. Good lah, ur boss, give you Apple iPhone for Christmas. iWant Volkswagen Beetle in RED!!!! And he say NO worrrr..... *bawls*

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L B said...

It's a long complicated tale. Mine came with Firmware1.1.2, your friend's probably came with 1.1.1 or below INITIALLY. The new 1.1.2 can be Jailbreak to use the other parts of the iPhone, but to use the phone part, I'll have to wait till 1.1.3 comes out for them to hack the 1.1.2..

The headphone jack is FUBAR! But no big deal.. There is also a line out on the dock to attach the iPhone to a TV or etc.. but I don't think I need that. My music and all are already on the computer which is attached to a stereo unit.

Why NOT to Red Beetle? Apalah!! How can?!!