Thursday, December 06, 2007

Remember to buy those Moon Costumes

Hubby has taken Malcolm out to buy some food back. he knows that i'll be working through the night and doesnt want me to keep eating Maggi Mee. There's always toast to keep me full, but then i'm sick of eating toast all the time also. I bought some very nice cheese with garlic and chives and Gordon loves it too. Malcolm ran away as soon as i went near him with the toast, lol. This little fler really doesnt like to eat. Anyway, i remembered and bought Appeton with Lysine from Watson's yesterday. Hope he will take it and then feel hungry all day long. Just dont stick to me like a glue demanding to be nursed can already, lol.

I bought it in both form, liquid and tablets as i dont know which they both like. Gordon loves to suck on the tablets. I havent given any to Malcolm yet. Maybe when he gets home or tomorrow morning when he wakes up. I have to go get some Moon Costumes for my nieces and nephews later on. They're bugging me non-stop on MSN. Their school school is having a costume party this weekend and i hope those costumes will arrive in time for them to wear to the party. If not, they'll have to make do with last year's lol.

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