Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Are you looking for medical device connectors?

I went to Parkson after sending Gordon to school this afternoon. Hubby said he wanted to find those medical device connectors and asked me if i know where he can find it. I told him i have no idea and he has to go look for it himself. There are so many shops there and since we have a lot of time to kill, i'd rather hang out at the internet cafe whilst he hunt around for what he wants. He can call me up on the mobile phone once he's done with his shopping and we can go have a bite somewhere.

Since i'm at the internet cafe, i logged on to MSN and chatted with a few friends. I tried to ask them where i can get those medical device connectors that hubby wanted to buy and my friends told me i can always get them online from websites like econnek.com. One of them told me that eConnekSM distributes economically priced alternative electrical connector solutions for just about any industry. Their replacement connectors are used in the very same applications as OEMs connectors and i bet hubby can get his there. My friend told me one of his relative bought from them before and their prices are one of the lowest in the market.

I'll let hubby hunt around the mall first. Knowing him, he'll be comparing prices from at least 5 shop before he buy anything, lol. My friends told me that they doubt if the shops at the mall sells those that my hubby wants. Anyway, i'll let him know when he calls me later on. I need to check the site out first to see if the same thing that he wants. I found that they ship in 24 hours after they receive an order. That's good. Hubby will get his stuff in less than a week. If you are alos looking for medical device connectors, you may also want to bookmark the site for your future reference.

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