Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Book binding machine

My niece just graduated from college and she told she she wants to be a writer. She has written many childrens' story books and gave me a few the other day. I dare say she's quite creative and has a very good imagination. Her stories are very easy to grasp that even my kid likes them very much. I asked her what is she going to do with them now that she has so many. She says she'll try to sell them to Kindergartens as they need many new materials to teach those children.

She's surveyed many book stores and found that decent storybooks are quite expensive. She's been to a few Kindergartens and received quite good response from them. Told me she 's spoken with a few schools and most of them told her that they will buy some from her every six months or so. She's so happy and told me that it's a good start. This is much better than working for someone else. She says if she were to be a copywriter, she wont earn much. This way, she gets to work on something that she really likes and get paid for it. It might not be much now, but who knows, she might become a famous story writer like Enid Blyton, huh.

Her sister is very good at art and she is helping her with the illustrations. Now, she is looking for an affordable book binding machine to bind her book together for presentation. She used to send them to the book binder's but now that she has to get so many books prepared, it can get very expensive. I know about their charges as i used to send mine to the very same book binding company too. Their charges can be abominable, lol. I told her she can check with coverbind.com. My uncle brother-in-law bought one for his son recently and told me that their quality is exceptional. If you are also looking for good book binding machine, you may want to check the site out too.

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