Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do you display your wine on wine racks?

I'm enjoying my new routine very much. Now, each day right after sending Gordon to school, i'll come straight to Parkson and have lunch at Kopitiam Junction as i work on my laptop. I'll be here till 4pm, then go pick Gordon up from school and head straight home for tea. If his Grandma didnt cook lunch that day, we'll head somewhere else with both kids. Bliss, eh. I love this lifestyle a lo. Definitely more relaxing than sitting home all day long. Moreover, i can do my Chinese New Year shopping conveniently here. And yes, there's just so much to buy that i cant seem to get enough of it.

There are so many things to buy. My mother-in-law gave me a list of things to buy for her since we're out almost everyday. Saves her a lot of time that way. My father-in-law wants to buy some red wine but says we dont have Wine Racks to store and display them. He loves to drink wine and i encourage to have a small glass during dinner time. I heard it's good for the heart and keeps him healthy that way. But then, it's still alcohol and he cannot drink much. He's gotta be very disciplined in this sense. If i cant find him nice wine racks at Parkson, i'll go get him one from thevinestore.com. My brother-in-law bought two wine raCKS there a couple of months back and i like the design very much.

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