Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Have you traveled on a Private Jet Charter Flight before?

I only got to know last week that some of my neighbor's relatives are really well-off. They came by yesterday to hand some Chinese New Year gifts to my in-laws and i overheard them chatting about how their uncle are coming back for the festive celebrations this year. It seems that he is a property tycoon like that Donald Trump and travels the world over on Private Jet Charter Flights. Rich, eh. Have you been on one before? I havent. I bet it must be really comfortable to fly in a jet all by myself. If i'm rich like him one day, i'd sure like to travel around in Private Jets too.

My dad's ex boss traveled in one before when he was abroad. I remembered my dad telling how he keep telling everyone how luxury it is and only the privileged few with really expensive memberships gets to travel that way during his time. Now, it's all different. You dont need a membership, pre-payments are not necessary, clients also get to choose from a series of specific aircraft quotes often at considerable savings, and pay after the trip. See, looks like it's become more affordable for many nowadays huh. So, are you interested in traveling in one? If you are, then go find out more from the link i provided here in this post.

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