Thursday, January 31, 2008

Long hair, short hair, color my hair

My girlfriend asked me why i cut off my long curly tresses, lol. Sigh, if you are in my position, then you'll know it's really a hassle having long hair. I dont have the time to tend to my long long hair. And they require a lot of attention too. They are curly and can be frizzy at times if the wrong shampoo is used. And those treatments takes ages to apply and i hate to sit in the bathroom for half an hour, lol. So, my long hair just had to go. I like my short crop now. I still havent found a cut that i like, but it's only because i havent found the time to haunt the salons yet. I'll only go after CNY when they are all quiet and back to their normal rates. I'm going to color mine once hubby comes back from Gordon's school. Sigh.... another few hours sitting at the salon and staring at the stupid mirror...... sien. ALl in the name of vanity.

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