Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Where to get the best baseball gloves?

My neighbor's kid came back from school yesterday and i can hear him tell his mom loudly that he's joined the school's Baseball team. He doesnt have a baseball glove and told his mom that his coach says to get one. He can either buy them from the school or get those Baseball Gloves from any other sports shop outside provided they are similar to those the school team uses. She called me up last night as asked me to recommend her an online store as she's far too busy to drive all the way across town to the one and only sports shop. They might not have it and she deosnt want to waste time that way.

My brother used to play Baseball back in his schooldays and i remember his old baseball gloves. I used to play with it when i was a kid but i guess he's thrown it away when he moved house a few years back. Baseball is a very interesting game. My kid is still too small to take up baseball. Maybe when he goes to Primary school, he may like the game enough to join the school Baseball team like my neighbor's kid. I think i have many more years to wait before i get to watch my kid play baseball, lol. Have you played Baseball before?

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velvet75 said...

Tell your neighbor she needs to drive across town and buy the glove don't shop online for baseball gloves its a bad idea unless she knows exactly the size and make she want's, I played and coached baseball for over twenty years and she needs to go to the store have her son try it on and take with the sales rep they will help her decide what is the best glove for her son also if she chooses a good glove it could last him for many many years i have had one of my baseball gloves for 20 years so have her take the time and choose wisely.