Friday, February 08, 2008

Can you bear to lose money?

My uncle came to borrow my laptop last night as his computer is down. He's retired and love to spend time playing online casino in the evenings. Since i seldom use the laptop, i told him to come over to get it. I've not used the laptop for a long time and told him to charge it first as i think the battery is flat. He has wifi at home. So, he wont have problem getting online to play at his favorite online casino site.

He says if i have the time, i can always play some poker with him. Nah... i cant play at all and would most probably lose all my money only, lol. I'd rather use it to buy some clothes for my kids. I cant bear to lose money. There was once i played a card game with some close friends and ended up 20 bucks poorer. Sigh.... i know 20 bucks isnt a lot of money, but it still hurts, you know. SO, to those who cant bear to lose money, dont gamble, ya.

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