Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Edison Chen a good kisser lah

I read this line somewhere, but cant recall where now. But it goes like this:

But is Edison Chen a good kisser?

Did you see any kiss in all the pictures and videos? Ok, have a look again…. Voila: no mouth to mouth kissing…

Tiu, this person must be really blind 9 jorr. Got so much proof Edison Chen is a good kisser mah. So much cb kissing mah. Cb mouth also mouth mah, knn. You all never see Edison Chen kissing Gillian Chung's cb meh.

On another note, Many netizens now want Edison Chen dead or so it seems. So, is Edison Chen going to die? I dont know. But i'm sure the news will be much more sensational than the sex scandal if Edison Chen dies.

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