Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rugby 6 nations podcasts

Have you rugby before. My cousin told me he found a great website where he can follow his favorite rugby team online. He told me it's called the and he says there are even 6 nations podcasts there too. He loves listening to podcasts as he's very busy. You know what podcasts are, right. You get to select the podcast that you like and play them back on your pc. Do have to read anything.

I used to watch rugby too when i was a little girl. Not now though, as i'm far too busy these days. But the podcast sounds good to me. It's not a very complicated game to follow and if you are interested in listening to some rugby podcasts, then is the site for you. You can even check on rugby players there too and i can see that it's a very interesting sports website to look for information. So, dont wait. Do check the site out for yourself if you like rugby.

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