Monday, February 04, 2008

Where will you be during Chinese New Year?

No point complaining about the weather. It's the same each year, huh. But i feel that it's getting hotter by the year, and the rain is also more like a thunderstorm nowadays. I hate going out and getting stuck at the malls when it rains. Aiya, i think by now you all know i dont park my car inside the house compound as i find it cumbersome to get down and open the gates. Not my house, so i'm not going to install an electric gate there. So, if it rains, i'll most likely not go home until the rain stops. Silly, huh. But then, i sure dont want my kids to fall ill when running back to the house. Understand?

Since the weather is hot, some of my friends have decided to go away during Chinese New Year. One of them own a St Thomas Real Estate and he's taking his family there. He says the weather is way better over there during this time of the year and he hasnt been there for a long time. How lucky to be able to escape the heat and also the rain during Chinese New Year, huh. Too bad, i'm gonna be here and suffer together with those noisy relatives who'll be dropping by all day and all night long. Maybe it's time i bug hubby to invest in an overseas property like the one i mentioned earlier. Then, we can excape there each year, lol.

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