Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Are you afraid of termites?

I wasted a whole day again. After all the everyday morning chores like laundry, breakfast, blah blah blah, I thought i'd get to sit down and blog for once, but i'm so wrong wrong wrong. I only got to write a few posts and hubby told me it's already time to go fetch Gordon and says we might as well all go out and have tea cos he's hungry. As if i'm not. SO, have to go loh, and nothing much gets done.

I dont even have the chance to check out all those lovely bathroom vanities online. I've always wanted to change mine as the bottom's rotting away and i'm damn afraid of termites, lol. Ish... you know those creepy crawlies... they'll munch your whole house down if you are not observant enough. There was once my neighbor had to call the termite exterminator in to get rid of termites from her whole house. And we live just right door... SHUDDER!!!!

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