Saturday, March 29, 2008

Going to the yarn store

I'm going to the yarn store. But, i'll send Gordon over to my mom's to play with his cousins. I dont want him to stay home doing nothing all day long as i'm too busy to attend to him. Malcolm will be with me as usual cos nobody can handle him except me, the cow. I gotta go buy new beddings, pillows, bolsters, the complete bed makeover lah. I can see stuffing coming out from my bolster and i guess it's time to change them all at once. So, having Gordon around is a big No-no as i cant carry those things and pushing his stroller at once.

Malcolm is alright as long as we give him a cookie. He can sit there and enjoy himself until the cookie finishes and i will give him another to buy time, lol. Wicked, hoh. But what to do. And when i go pick Gordon up, i want to have a few words with my brother. He's an insurance agent and i want to seek his advice as i may want to Sell my endowment. Bought it many years ago when i first started working. So, i guess this is gonna be today's itinerary until something else crops up.

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