Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here's your woon-chai-kou, LB

I bought two of these too. But when i went to snap a pic of it right after you left a message just now, there's only one left, sigh. At least there's ONE left, lol. So, nice or not. I prefer the green colored pandan version but all sold out jor. Laku tou sei. Gordon is eyeing this so i told him he can have it for breakfast tomorrow. Looks like i may have to go buy sommore woon-chai-kou tomorrow. Hope the loud-mouthed bitch not eating there, lol.

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L B said...

Who's the loud mouthed bitch? Damn curious.. you are making me so 8!!! LOL, hey, that woon chai kou really has me written all over it. You wait ah.. When I am back in Ipoh, we really must go on a hantam spree.. no holds barred, no lormaikai left unturned, no CGCCF unrolled!!