Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'll stick with using the Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener to look younger

I sure dont want to look like Joan Collins when i'm 70 plus. She was on Martha Stewart when i turned on the tv just now and she freaked me out. Issshhhhh.... like a waxed up Realdoll, lol. LB, you sure you still want a RealDoll after this ah. Really sickening sight, all fake and tight and and and, yerrrrrrr.... got goosebumps jorrr, lol. I think she must have spent hundreds of thousands just to preserve her body and looks. Sigh.... the things woman do to stay beautiful.

Me, i'll stick with using the Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener better. A gleaming set of perfect pearly whites can make one look years younger, you know. Dont know? Then go get a tube or two of the highly acclaimed Celebrity Sexy Teeth and try it for yourself. So many people have used the Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener and gave it the thumbs up. It has a lot of positive reviews. What say you. No harm trying, right.

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fredric said...

Hi! Thanks for the post. I am really looking for one because I have to make my teeth really cool and clean especially now that I am a sales person.

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