Monday, April 14, 2008

Do you like diamonds?

I found my kid going through my jewelry box this morning. I guess he must be bored sick. If ot, he wont be digging everything out from my cabinets. I've kept the Sony PSP as i dont want him to tire his eyes before school. He did request that i turn the DVD on for him though. And after going through his discs, he finally settled on Barney. He's not watched Barney for a long time and i'm glad i played that for him. Kept him busy whilst i went about putting all my jewelry back into their respective boxes.

I've not been to the jewelry shop for more than a year. Each time i walk past one, the promoters there will hand me one of their brochures. Sigh... i'm so not buying those overly-priced diamonds with fancy designs. One of my friends told me they are not even of good grade. I would only buy if it has a certificate. I love Solitaires. Still havent found one that i like till now. Yeah.... hubby will have to pay for it cos he did not buy me one when we got married. Wuah, come to think of it, After all these years, i think i really deserve a huge one, lol.

Oh well, if you want to check out Jewelry, you may want to hop over to these Diamonds, Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Diamond Rings, Anniversary Rings, Ruby Rings, and many more. I heard their prices are not too bad either. Just dont bust your credit card whilst at it.

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