Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hubby's bored

Hubby's been on holiday for more than three months. And frankly speaking, he's getting tired of staying at home all day long. Oh, of course we do go shopping, eat out and all that. But that's just normal everyday life. He wants to go down to KL. I told him there's no way we can go now as our kid still needs to go to school. School holiday is still a long way away.

He suggested that we go this weekend but i have t remind him again that we have a birthday party to attend. It's my brother's kid and i still havent got a clue what to get for him. he's got everything that a 7 year old wants as he's the youngest, and the most pampered one of all. I think i'll most probably get him a set of those multicolored puzzles in various shapes and sizes for him to play with. Helps stimulate his mind and keep him busy all day long.

I told hubby if time permits and my work schedule is not too full, we can perhaps go to Caret Bay for a weekend. Just book a nice place from St Thomas Condo Rental and have a nice time relaxing there. Way better than going to KL, right. I've had enough of mall hopping. The sea is more appealing.

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