Monday, May 05, 2008

I love my new haircut

Most of my friends who met me after i cut my hair cannot accept the fact that i've cropped it so short. Imagine each strand being less than 2 inches long, lol. Kinda like a punky boyish crop. Not that i can help it as the previous hairdresser did a bad job and rendered the top most layer pretty much useless and damaged. I might as well cut away as much as possible and keep it long again. I like it. Easy to maintain and uses less shampoo and conditioner.

Oh well, it'll take me at least six months to get the desired length for a complete hair makeover again.... sigh. Six months will only yield around 3 new inches of hair growth. Slow, huh. Some says the new haircut make me look skinnier and taller. A few even asked me if i've been taking weightloss products like Orovo or not, lol. Since when do i need weightloss pills to stay skinny. Nah.... gimme more meat. I wanna put on weight more likely.

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