Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'd love to visit Paris one day

Both hubby and i was supposed to go to the foodcourt for supper last night. Both kids refuse to sleep and by the time they finally went to sleep, it's too late to go out. His friend called up and he went out with them instead. I got to know that Kevin just came back from Paris with his wife. I'm already far too tired after a whole day without a nap. That's why i didnt join them.

I went to bed soon after hubby left the house. No idea what time he came back. Just now, he told me that both Kevin and his wife went to a few countries for their honeymoon. Of all the places, they love Paris the best. They say it's a very romantic city for short breaks. In fact, they were surprised that many travelers choose to have paris city breaks. Ahhh, how nice it'd be to enjoy weekend breaks in Paris.

I'd love to visit Paris one day. I want to take lots of pics at Eiffel Tower. So far, none of my family members have gone to Paris before. But that have to wait till my kids are bigger and behave better, lol. Certainly not now. Gosh, that reminds me to wean Malcolm off me pronto. Cant have him tugging at my shirt all the time on a holiday. Have you been to Paris before?

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