Monday, June 30, 2008

Dont gamble your life away

Let's talk a bit about online gambling today. I wont say i do not gamble. I do play some card games during festive celebration with friends and family members. Of course there's money involved, if not, why bother. There's no thrill and definitely a waste of time if we dont put money on the table, right. The sight of money at the pool makes the heart thump faster and gives one a good dose of adrenaline rush. But i'm not gambling away my life, okay. It's afterall, for fun only and at the end of the day, the biggest winner has to treat the "losers" to a meal. No one loses and no hard feelings that way, lol.

I have a friend who works from home just like me. He hardly has time to go anywhere to socialize. Not that he likes to anyway. I only get to see him a few times each year, and each time, it's either during Christmas or Chinese New Year. He loves a good round of poker with my hubby and his buddies. Apart from that, he gets his kick at online casinos. That's one of his ways to kill time. I just hope he wont bust his finances that way as i know online gambling can be rather addictive. Well, i'm not into that, only friendly card games like i said earlier. But, if you are, you'd better be careful. Dont let it ruin your life, k.

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