Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Discount medical and dental plan

I dread going to the dentist. I havent made an appointment yet, but hubby keeps reminding me to do so. There's nothing wrong with my teeth. Just another routine checkup. Dont you feel awkward sitting in the dentist's chair and have him poke around your mouth. My stomach turns queasy each time i sit in that chair.

Well, this time, i want to ask my dentist about teeth whitening and how much it costs to have it done. I heard it can be quite expensive but if i can afford it, i'm going to get it done. A white set of teeth can take years off one's age, you know. Faster than any skin care or miracle cream can, lol.

Talking about dental care, my FIL had his tooth extracted last month. He says it's getting more and more expensive these days. If only we have affordable dental plan like Ameriplan here, then we dont have to pay so much per dental visit. I read that Ameriplan is a discount medical and dental plan and it's an alternative to insurance.

Apart from dental services, Ameriplan also has a wide number of doctors, specialists, dentists, orthodontists, vision providers, pharmacists, and chiropractors in their network. For those who work from home, Ameriplan is also a good home business. Well, take the time to check out the links here. Hope you benefit from it.

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