Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time to get movin'

It's been quite a long time since i sat here at this ungodly hour trying to figure out how best to go about my make money online biz. And it's also at this time of the day that opps decide to appear and i managed to get a few high paying ones. Ahhh.... bliss. And extra u$d60 sure's cool, yeah. Anyway. I havent really been blogging much for the past two months or so. If i dont do something about it, my income is sure to dwindle down to nothingness soon, HORRORS!!!!

Of course i wont let that happen, okay. But it's a sure wake up call to my senses to get moving again. Im in fact testing out ebay and see if it converts well for me or not. A hell lot of SEO work involved. Very time-cconsuming. But if it converts, then well worth my time. I've had quite a long hol since my hospital stay. I've had all the rest that one would ever need. Two months is more like maternity leave, lol. Okay, gotta tend to all my babies. If not, they'll all go hungry....

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