Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are you a Proton car owner?

Did you hear the news that maintaining our locally produced Proton is even worse than maintaining a Continental car? I nearly died laughing when i heard that. Reason was the statement was mentioned by a high ranking government official. He went and change all their state exco's vehicles to Mercedez Benz recently and got flakked for doing so. I am speechless over that nor do i care also.

Anyway, i took the opportunity to remind hubby to go change our old Protons's car radiator soon as i have this feeling it's about to conk. I'm sure all Proton owners will agree with me that this piece of crap requires high maintenance. What to do? The economy is so bad and who has the money to splurge on Continental cars, huh. You'd better go check on your car radiator and see if it needs changing or not. If you want to know where to buy cheap Car Radiator online, the link i left here in this post will lead you to the site.

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