Thursday, July 10, 2008

Been to this As Seen On TV Bargains site before?

I'm back to the midnight grind again. Need to work on some of my blogs. Now that my blog buddy has retired from late night blogging, i'm all by myself till ii decide to go to bed. Can be really boring at times with no one to share ideas or chat with. We used to brainstorm a lot together. These days, we only communicate using emails.

Of cos i do take a break from my blogging activities every now and then. As i cant turn the volume of my pcto watch a movie or listen to music, i will go to the living hall and watch TV product infomercials there. Oh, it's dead of the night and i wonder who will buy things at that hour, lol. Thos infomercials are mostly reruns. I dont get to watch them in the mornings anyway as i sleep till noon.

I date say that each time i watch those tv infomercials, i feel compelled to pick up the phone to buy something. Those guys really do a good job in convincing people to do buy their products. But i find them too expensive. A friend told me about this As Seen on TV Bargains site and said i can get some of those items at a great discount. And also, i can even watch their original advertisements too. It's a really entertaining site and you may want to check it out for yourself.

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