Thursday, July 10, 2008

Left my prescription glasses at my sis' house

I'm really getting more and more forgetful by the day. I took the day off and went to my sister's house. I wanted to hand her the bottle of Garlic Pills she asked me to buy for her from the pharmacy near my house. It's somewhere deep inside my handbag. I took out my prescription glass casing and put it on the table. Then forgot to put it back inside my handbag. Now, i'm home, and i cant find it. And my contact lens is making my eyes dry. But if i remove it, i wont be able to see anything. Looks like it's time i go make a spare one.

I was ranting about what happened with a friend on MSN and she told me i can get very affordable yet stylish prescription glasses at She bought a few pairs last week. Yes, i'll do just that. Do you need to buy prescription glasses? If you do, then hop over to the site and get yours, k.

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