Thursday, July 03, 2008

Need someone to help you relocate?

You know what, my MIL asked me to clear away dome of those boxes we brought back with us when we moved back here. Have you any idea how many boxes we have up at the attic? Hubby refused to give away those interior design books we bought from Pageone last time. I know those books are very expensive, but i doubt if we'll ever need those books. And we have a lot of documents too. I havent filtered them since the day we brought them back. All i remembered was i packed everything into boxes, called up the movers and have them sent back here in less than 24 hours.

The thought of going through those boxes one by one is dreadful. Brings back many memories of the past, both happy and sad. I think i'll leave them up there for the time being, or until i feel like checking on them. Then, decide what to throw away and keep. Talk about movers, my cousin is moving back from Boston too. Just like me when i moved back, he hired some Movers Boston to help him pack and ship all his things back here. If you are relocating, then check the link out. These things are best left to the professional. They will know how to handle all the nitty gritty things for you. This way, you dont have much to worry about. Convenient, eh.

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