Monday, August 04, 2008

Can happiness be bought?

What is your definition of happiness? For me, it's freedom. A person is truly happy when he/she is free from debt, free from worries, free to do as they please, etc. Many of these cannot be bought with money. There was a time when i used to think that money can solve all my worries and problems. Yes, to a certain extend. But happiness, it certainly cant be bought. Maybe temporary relief. I am financially better than where i was 12 months ago. But as far as happiness is concerned, i have a long way to go before i can achieve it. I am like a huge jigsaw puzzle with a few missing pieces. Pray i find those pieces soon.

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Rose said...

Hi Samm,

I also used to think that money is everything, but definitely not happiness. Maybe in one way, but in long run, you wouldnt be happy if you stay just because of money.....