Thursday, August 28, 2008

Does your hubby play poker?

Let me tell you this, if hubby asks me to go out with him tomorrow, i'll scream. I'm dead tired. This man, he can really shop. Even more than me, lol. There are so many shopping bags strewn all over the guest room now. If i dont clear them out, i'm so gonna get some flakking from my MIL soon. All the shopping trips are sponsored. I went and redeemed all my credit card points for shopping vouchers. Anyway, i now have two new sets of bedsheets; HAPPY!!! Been meaning to buy but the ones i like cost so much. Apart from that, i also bought some new clothes and toys for my two little darlings.

We met a few of hubby's friends the other day. They invited hubby over to the clubhouse for a few rounds of friendly poker. Hubby havent been playing poker since Chinese New Year. His friends told him they sometimes play Online Poker and if he's interested, he can check out these Poker Room Reviews and Poker Forums too. Good also if hubby were to meet up with his friends once in a while. We have so many new decks of playing cards. he can take them along to his friend's place and have a few rounds with them. That way, i can have some time to myself, lol. You intersted in Poker? If you are, you may want to check out the links i left here in this post.

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