Thursday, August 21, 2008

My weekend off

When my MAIN pc was down last week, i realized how cumbersome it is to work with one less machine. And though i do have a backup file storage system running in the background and i can always continue with my work on my laptop with those files, i still prefer to work with my MAIN pc as it's way faster. It's a real work horse and configured to multitask. Moreover, most of my softwares and applications are installed on that MAIN pc and the rest of my pcs are used to run mundane everyday task. And they are located in another room too.

So, no choice but to call the pc technician over to have it checked. He told me he will need to take it back to the workshop for the weekend. Anyway, i gave myself the weekend off and used the time to map out some of my work plans. Something that i've been meaning to do for a long time but never got round to it. If i were to be running a business that depends on many pcs to do the job for me, then i may need to engage the professional service like this new york IT services company. Cant have my system breaking down. Pc down = loss of income, k. Do check out the link here to learn more about their services. Who knows, you just might need them one day.

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