Monday, September 01, 2008

Drill hamikk lj lah

Knnmcb. I went to bed early las night. Too bad for me my SEO mind wouldnt stop running and i got up again at around 4am to do some work. I just slapped some new codes onto a new blog and praying that it will miraculously add another 50 bucks or so to my daily earnings, lol. Well, this is something new to me and i've actually wanted to try it out but never got round to getting it done. Me, the super procrastinator. Anyway, it's up and running and let's just hope it turns out well for me.

I went back to bed at 830am but niamahfulat. It's a holiday today and some house down the street is renovating wor, TIUUUUUUUUUUUU. I dunno wtf they are doing to the house but the drilling started at 9am sharp and still reverberating through the air till now. Aiyo.... how to sleep lah. But if what i did really makes me some extra cash, then i shaddap and rant less. Too early to tell. I went and check my stats and still nothing geh. Haih... i'm just waiting for the farkers to go off for lunch so that i can have an hour's nap.

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