Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling sick, sick, sick....

I'm feeling sick all of a sudden. Sick not because i'm really sick. Sick simply because i've been sitting under the fan for far too long. I cant stand sitting under the fan. I have to as i need to do some blogging. I know i can just turn the air-cond on. But i've made a promise to myself that i'll try to use the air-cond less. It's very drying and bad for my skin and eyes. The thing is the fan is just no better. The bedroom is hot and humid.

Without the fan turned on, it's like an oven. With the fan turned on, it's also like an oven, tiu. But i'm trying my best to keep the electricity bill as low as possible. Last month, i've managed to save about 20 miserable bucks off the electricity bill. Is it worth it? I really dont know. I'm just doing my part. And yes, i'm paying for it. Hate our blardy knn gahmen for raising prices unnecessarily. I'm sick.... really sick now.... i wanna vomit......... blllluuueeeekkkkkkkk

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