Friday, September 19, 2008

Which hotel in Vegas has wifi access?

I'm really sick of hubby hogging up my pc. He's been sitting at my table since the dawn of Anwar's political saga. And mind you, it's been months. Oh yes, he gives me back the chair when i want it. But tiu lah. Who likes sitting in chair with warm seat, you tell me. Irritating, haimai. I dont like to blog from the bed since my kids will be all over me. And i'll also get a backache from sitting propped up with pillows.

So now you know why i havent been updating my blogs like a freak as usual. No mood. Faisi argue with him. He's to bear all my losses. Eh, come to think of it, i might as well go pack my bags and head to some hotels in las vegas for a vacation. He's so interested in political news that he wont even notice that i'm gone, lol.

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